Chinese Red Date Orchard/Jujube Tree/Jujube Fruit
(Ziziphus jujuba Mill), also called Chinese date, red date, Chinese red date or tsao (zao), originated in China and has been cultivated in China for more than 4000 years. Jujube was first introduced into USA in 1837
. Chinese date is very precocious and easy to grow. It can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from - 25 to +125°F. Jujube fruit is rich in vitamin C with 200 to 800 mg/100 g of fresh fruit, 70-100 times higher than grapes and apples, so jujube fruit is also called 'Natural Vc Pill'. Eating a few fresh red date fruits will meet the USDA recommended daily Vc requirement. Jujube fruit also have high total phenol contents and total antioxidant activity (10 Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit) .

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Jujube fruit is the healthiest food on earth!
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We specialize in growing Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba, Red date, Chinese date, Chinese red date, Zao, 枣)

Our Chinese Red Date Orchard(中华红枣园) in New Mexico will provide:
Jujube cultivar plants, scionwoods;

sour jujube (Ziziphus spinosa, wild jujube, 酸枣)seed,  jujube rootstock; 
best quality fresh jujube fruit, dried jujube fruit.

     Jujube/Chinese Date/red date/Jujube Tree/jujube Fruit

April 5, 2021: All the orders for spring of 2021 have been delivered already.

May 30, 2020: We grafted following varieties for spring of 2021: Alcalde#1, Dabailing, Dongzao(Winter jujube), Fucuimi, Honeyjar, Kongfucui, Lang, Li, Maya, Redland, Russia#2, Sandia, Shanxi Li, Sihong, Sugarcane.

May 20, 2019-Following Varieties were grafted for spring of 2020.All the jujube varieties are grafted on the sour jujube (酸枣).

>3 ft $30, 2-3ft $25 plus shipping fee for Honeyjar (蜂蜜罐), Lang,  Li,  Redland,  Russia#2, Shanxi Li(山西梨枣), Sihong(泗洪大枣), Sugarcane;

>3 ft $50, 2-3 ft $40 plus shipping fee for Alcalde#1,  Chico, Dabailing (大白铃), Winter jujube-Dongzao (冬枣), Dragon (龙枣), Fucuimi (伏脆蜜), Huizao (灰枣), Kongfucui (孔府脆), Maya (马牙), Mushroom, Sandia (early winter jujube), So(Contorted), Teapot (茶壶枣).

4/8/2021: Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we couldn't grow the rootstock to the size big enough for grafting this spring, so we do NOT have grafted jujube trees for sale for spring of 2022.
Hopefully it will be back to normal for spring of 2023.

Welcome to  Chinese Red Date Orchard in New Mexico

October 8-9, 2016: More than thirty (30)jujube variety fruits (photo below) were harvested and sold after  the  free fruit tasting  workshop in Espanola, New Mexico


October 4, 2016:
Jujube Fruit Tasting-We will have very limited quantity of jujube fruit for free tasting on Saturday, October 8, 2016 in Espanola, NM87532. Please send email to: for direction.

Chinese Red Date Orchard/jujube tree/枣

Chinese yam(Dioscorea opposita) is called Shan yao (山药) in Chinese. it is also known as huái shān (淮山),  or huái shān yào (淮山药). In Japanese, it is known as nagaimo (lit. 'long yam'; kanji: 長芋; hiragana: ながいも).  In Korea it is called ma (hangul: 마), "sanwu(山芋, 산우)", seoyeo(薯蕷, 서여), or sanyak(山藥, 산약). In Vietnam, the yam is called củ mài or khoai mài.  In the Ilokano language of the northern Philippines it is called tuge (

Its tuber is consumed as nutritious tonifying food. It can be steamed, boiled, stir-frying, baked and used in soups. Since the roots of Chinese yam contains allantoin, diosgenin, mucilage, glutamine and other medical compounds, it is used in Chinese herbal medicine. Traditionally it is used to treat disorders related to stomach, lungs, spleen, and kidneys. Learn More

Jujube fruit tasting workshop:

Friday, September 28,  2018  Los Lunas, New Mexico(Flier and Link)