Chinese Red Date Orchard LLC was formed in New Mexico, USA. The owner graduated with BSc, MSc  and PhD degree in Pomology. He has over 35  year's experience in deciduous fruit tree research and extension.

Chinese Red Date Orchard serves as nursery, demonstration and production orchard. Until now we have collected about 70 jujube varieties.  We provide limited quantity of best quality jujube trees, scionwoods and fruits. We also provide sour jujube seed and plants as rootstocks for jujube graft. is created and managed by fruit specialists in USA to provide helpful information for growing jujubes, Chinese red date (Ziziphus jujuba Mill) in the U.S. especially in southwest region.

 We are in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6A, the elevation is above 5000 feet.



Welcome to Chinese Red Date Orchard in New Mexico

We sell high quality jujube trees and fruits of over 60 jujube varieties

Update on January 19, 2019. A very limited number of Li and GA866 jujube trees are still available. Other varieties are sold out. We will start to take pre-order from early April, 2019 for spring of 2020. Thank You.  ​
Li, Sugarcane, Honeyjar, Redland, So, Sihong, Shanxi Li, Lang, Russia#2, GA866($30 per tree), Fucuimi, Winter jujube (Dongzao, 冬枣)and Combination of Li/Sugarcane($50 per tree)jujube trees are available for spring of 2019.
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